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LEGO® Classic Bricks Box

LEGO® Classic Bricks Box

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Unleash your creativity with this huge box of classic LEGO parts. Build anything you like! The box does not contain a set with building instructions, but provides all the pieces you need to design your own creations. The box contains over 3200 LEGO parts in a wide range of different colours. Besides the classic bricks, you will also get several base plates (16x16) and a range of special LEGO elements. Guaranteed to provide hours of building fun.


  • Each box contains about 3200 LEGO pieces.
  • Find build inspiration here and here.
  • Includes a range of parts, including baseplates, classic bricks, connectors and special elements.
  • Does not contain minifigures.
  • Wide range of part colours, including rare neon colours.
  • All genuine LEGO parts sourced from LEGO Classic sets 11717 and 146790.
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