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Empire State Building

Empire State Building

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Build one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers with the LEGO® Architecture 21046 Empire State Building set. The highest LEGO® Architecture model to date (as of July 2019), it stands 55 cm tall and faithfully reproduces the architecture of the tower’s four curtain wall faces and art deco antenna tower. This unique piece of New York City’s skyline will delight architecture and LEGO® fans alike.


  • LEGO® Architecture recreation of the Empire State Building.
  • Includes a tiled baseplate depicting Fifth Avenue and the surrounding roads, complete with 6 yellow cabs.
  • Includes booklet with additional information about the designer, architecture and history of the tower (English language. Other languages available for download at
  • Comes with a decorative nameplate.
  • This set consists of over 1,750 pieces.
  • Recommended for architecture fans ages 16 and up.
  • Measures over 55cm high, 20cm wide and 12cm deep.
  • Genuine LEGO® Architecture set.
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