Capitoline Wolf Set

Legends of Ancient Rome: A Review of the Capitoline Wolf LEGO Set

Today, we delve into the rich history of ancient Rome with a captivating LEGO set designed by the renowned LEGO artist Rocco Buttliere. The Capitoline Wolf set brings to life the mythical tale of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, who were nurtured by a she-wolf on the slopes of the Palatine Hill. We'll explore the craftsmanship, intricate techniques, and artistic ingenuity behind this custom LEGO creation. 


Boxed set

The Capitoline Wolf LEGO set is a small yet mighty creation, comprising 240 meticulously crafted pieces. Designed by LEGO artist Rocco Buttliere, who holds a degree in architecture and is internationally recognized for his LEGO creations, this set beautifully recreates the iconic statue of the she-wolf with Romulus and Remus.

The centerpiece of the set is the she-wolf herself, constructed with white LEGO parts, capturing the grace and strength of the legendary guardian. The two infants, Romulus and Remus, are cleverly depicted as babies using a combination of robot parts and minifigure heads. The statue rests upon a tan plate with a white border, creating a visually appealing display.


Clever design of Romulus and Remus figures


The Capitoline Wolf LEGO set is a remarkable tribute to the legends and history of ancient Rome. The exquisite design and careful selection of LEGO elements bring the mythological tale to life in a tangible form. Rocco Buttliere's expertise as an architect is evident in the meticulous recreation of the famous statue, capturing its essence with precision and artistic flair.

The Capitoline Wolf set offers an engaging and rewarding building experience. Rocco Buttliere's expertise in architecture shines through in the set's original and intricate LEGO techniques. While the set may be small in size, it presents a satisfying challenge, particularly when assembling the intricate head of the she-wolf. The attention to detail and precision required in constructing the statue showcases the skill and craftsmanship of the designer.

The wolf can be quite intricate to assemble

Despite its modest size, the Capitoline Wolf set packs a punch in terms of design complexity. The use of robot parts and minifigure heads to represent Romulus and Remus showcases creative ingenuity. The inclusion of custom stickers labeling the set with its title adds a professional touch, enhancing the overall presentation.


Completed set

This LEGO set not only serves as an homage to the legends of Rome but also provides an educational opportunity to learn about ancient mythology and history. The Capitoline Wolf set is a testament to Rocco Buttliere's mastery of LEGO artistry and architectural precision. Its elegant design, intricate techniques, and historical significance make it a cool display piece for fans of ancient Rome. 


The set is available on the designer's website. While relatively pricey for such a small set, keep in mind that it is a custom design that will also be support the awesome SPQR project. 

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